[ic] Shipping Calc Problems

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Thu Jul 1 15:01:05 EDT 2004

Quoting Barry Newman (packet at tampabay.rr.com):
>   I'm currently using the following methods for my free shipping over
> 400.00 , but I need to be able to set the limit via State , (it's only
> 200 inside florida). I thought I could do a definition per state or two
> different methods with lists , but I don't know how to express state in
> extended format. Thanks for your help thus far!
> -barry

Try this:

free_or_upsg:   UPS Free ($200 or over)
        crit    [subtotal noformat=1] [value state]
	qual	FL
        min             0
        max             199.99
        cost    >>upsg

	qual	GA SC
        min             0
        max             299.99
        cost    >>upsg

        min             0
        max             399.99
        cost    >>upsg

        min             0
        max             9999999
        cost    0.00
        free    Free!

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