[ic] Need Interchange Programmer to Assist

Medsrv.com - Russ Smith admin at mediaservices.net
Fri Jul 2 23:06:10 EDT 2004

Hi folks,

Launching new site for client, Some customization to core and pages at this
one, http://www.TransPosting.com which is matching freight with truck

Anyway, I have 3 days to finish a few bullet points. I got most of the
things, but looking for an EXPERIENCED Interchange / Perl programmer to help
with a few final items (simple stuff... form validation, looping though
lists of fields upon final order to decrement...)

Will pay hourly fee to those who know IC5, can learn quick as to what is
done already, and can pump code to get this done by Wednesday morning for a
company demo.

Will PAY hourly via PayPal...

Please respond to Interchange at medsrv.com for more ...

And sorry to bother the developers list, this was too urgent to bother with
the BIZ list.

Russ Smith
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