[ic] raw number has locale format

"Disch, Uwe (Ingenieurbüro Disch)" uwe.disch at disch-online.de
Wed Jul 7 12:26:16 EDT 2004


if I use the tag [subtotal noformat=1] in my code the result is with locale
formatting, i.e. 458,37 (but without currency formatting as expected).

The result is that no shipping is found, tax calculations are wrong and so
on. I'm migrating from IC4.8.5 to IC4.8.9 on a new server. On the old system
I got always 458.37 (old system SuSE 6.2, new system Debian Sarge).

I guess it should be something with the setup of the new server, but where

Please advice

Uwe Disch

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