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samt at rackst.com samt at rackst.com
Wed Jul 7 16:40:43 EDT 2004

hello guys

I am running interchange as a web portal system. To be honest we developed
themes and dtatabses to serve as image albumes, messaging systems and personals,
Instant hoting pages, and instant forms and web tools, news servers and more..
We love interchange for the fact that you can run any idea on it.

The question is
we are getting about 1000 new signups a day and is geting us growing very fast,
I noticed when we serve all our pages on the fly, it is a problem with memorty.
A friend sujested that we use static mode for profiles and images.
How can we get interchange to build static pages.? Specialy the products pages?
Any ideas, help, or comments would be greatly appreciated.

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