[ic] Logout not working

Russell Mann tech at khouse.org
Fri Jul 9 12:07:17 EDT 2004

> IC 5.2, Fedora Core 1, manually compiles Perl 5.8.3 w/o threads.
> I recently set this in catalog.cfg:
> CookieLogin  Yes
> Now my logout doesn't work.  logout.html has this in it:
> [set-cookie name=MV_PASSWORD value=""]
> [seti done][userdb function=logout clear=1][/seti] [bounce 
> href="[area index]"]
> When I log out, the cookie remains and the error.log shows a 
> new log in each time.  When I close down all IE browsers and 
> look at my Cookies, after logging out, it still has the 
> password in it.
> Any suggestions?

Hello again,

Has anyone encountered this behaviour?  I havn't heard back from anyone - is
there information that I'm missing in my question?



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