[ic] Images not being found in database on 5.0.1

Carlc Internet Services mvu at carlc.com
Wed Jul 14 08:09:18 EDT 2004

On a previous post, I had asked how to get a 3 x "x" grid for results,
everyone was glad to point me to results_grid.html (and I thank you).
I found I had to update a few of my websites from interchange 4.8.6 
to 5.0.1 (I like stable versions, I don't need to be on the bleeding edge)
to get results_grid to work.

The Results_grid would work, but it would not show up any thumbs. The
code to call the thumb is:

        $record->{thumb} = $Tag->image({
                                        imagesubdir => "thumb",
                                        src => $record->{thumb},
                                        extra => "border=0",
                                        title => "Click for more information.",
                                        alt => $record->{description},

Thumbs do work, as well as Images thought out the rest of the cart. The
upsell and recommended at the bottoms all work. They just don't work on
results_grid and in the admin area.

And, with the new 5.0.1, I thought maybe I need to see in the admin area
if the thumbs are right. What I found was that this catalog did not produce
a thumb nor an image under the "Admin screen" -> "Items" tab -> click on
an items sku to get to "sku: <item's #>" page.

I thought gee, let me redo the cart, start completely over. I found that 
if I make the cart with MySQL database, the foundation database will not
produce the thumb/item pages. If I build the cart with DB database, it will.

Anyone else see this? Or know of a fix?


P.s. for extra credit, anyone know an easy way to bring about 4.8.6
carts to 5.0.1??? I've got to many to really want to do it manually,
didn't know if someone built a automation procedure.

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