[ic] sorting problem

Alessandro Poletto alessandro at polet.to.org
Fri Jul 16 19:33:59 EDT 2004

I have a problem with sorting when I use the search interchange 
syntax to dig some datas from products database (eg from the main 

The results page presents the results without any problem, i can 
expose all the datas: price, description, etc...

Now I have the need of sorting the results by price, by available 
quantity and by discount (additional field that I've inserted in 
merchandising table).

I've inserted a link and via cgi (in the url: "&price_sort=1") 
so I try to make 'coditional' sorting:

[sort products:price:rf]
  [if cgi price_sort eq'1']  
    [sort products:price:rf]

on the browser appear several times: [sort products:price:rf], a 
numerber equal to the extracted items.

Is possibile to make this type of sorting?

Is better to "remake" the search adding or altering the search 
criteria putting sf=price and if so, how is possible?

many thanks in advance!

Toth di
Alessandro Poletto
E-mail: alessandro at polet.to

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