[ic] Euro weirdness

Jamie Neil jamie at versado.net
Sat Jul 17 06:48:00 EDT 2004

Andre Muller wrote:
> I run IC 5.3.0 on Debian 3 unstable and I have something strange going 
> on when using the Euro sign in my confirmation email. Everywhere the 
> Euro sign is displayed fine. When I browse to my shop the client the € 
> is displayed correctly, but if I send out an order confirmation I get 
> displayed €. I have set the proper locales and I have iso-8859-15 
> installed. Any thoughts on what goes wrong?

We had this problem with the UK pound sign which should be £ in 
the locale table.

Our solution was to simply edit the email templates and add the 
formatting to the price fields manually:

£[item-price noformat=1]

If someone knows a better solution I'm all ears :)

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