[ic] perl issue

Christian Brink cbrink at brinkrods.com
Sat Jul 17 19:42:23 EDT 2004

>  Aha thanks I did get that to work. But I guess I phrased my question
>  poorly... I want to keep what remains and discard the $prefix. In other
>  words I want to remove the first hyphen and all the comes before it
>  leaving everything else. I can probably cobble together something based
>  on your post but of course I welcome any input.

No problem, that's much easier.

my $string = 'ABC-DEF-GH-IJK';
$string =~ s/^[^-]+-(.*)/$1/;


'=~' - do a regex

's/' - It's a substitution

'^' the first one - Means regex must start at the beginning

'[^-]' - Negated character class - Mean any character that is not '-'

'+' - Grab at least one, but can grab as many as you find

'-' - just the dash character

'(.*)' - '()' mean save everything inside '.*' means grab any character you

'/$1/' - $1 is what was saved in the '()'s and replaces the sting with that


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