[ic] accounting systems help needed

Eric Odier-Fink odierfin at speakeasy.org
Fri Jul 23 08:30:18 EDT 2004

steve wrote:

>   I'm looking for help or suggestions on accounting systems and automation
>of our order taking process.  We currently receive orders from our
>interchange shopping cart and manually data enter into QuickBooks premier.
>Unfortunately we have outgrown the # of users QuickBooks allowed.  Currently
>looking at switching to MAS 90 or SAP Business One and I wondered if anyone
>has any experience with automating the downloading of orders from
>interchange into an automated accounting system including shipping.  The MAS
>90 and SAP Business One are very expensive.  Any suggestions or
>recommendations would be great.

While I'm no expert by any means, I have two pieces of info for you:

First, the is a Quickbooks module for IC that works well once you 
configure it to export your sales as .iif files to be imported into 
Quickbooks- we currently use this.

Second, I know folks are using SQL Ledger and have it fully integrated 
with IC for sales, inventory management... I've been informed by 
developers that it takes between 4-8 hours expert programming to do the 
integration (on top of setting up SQL Ledger).


Eric Odier-Fink
Justice Clothing Company

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