[ic] alternating within a loop (to make a table)

Sergei Voyakin svoyakin at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 27 09:05:40 EDT 2004

I wanted to list all product groups in a 2 column table but can't figure out 
how to use alternate tag to close the <tr> tag.  I found the following 
example, but it seems to only work with the search-list tag?



	  <a href="[area [item-code]]">
           <img src="thumb/[item-field thumb]" border="0">

[item-alternate 3]
  [else] [/else]



Here is what I'm trying to do (maybe I am doing it the wrong way?)

[query sql="select distinct prod_group from products"
[list-alternate 2]
  Every 2nd one<br>
  [else]Other<Br> [/else]


Thanks for any suggestions.

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