[ic] system() call in usertag, again... :(

John Young john_young at sonic.net
Thu Jul 29 04:45:22 EDT 2004

Carsten Jahnke wrote:
> Stefan Hornburg wrote:
>> Additionally I doubt
>> that a Perl scripts needs to be use mysqladmin instead of SQL commands.
>> Bye
>>     Racke
> Hi Racke, thanks for your reply. I am no perl or database guru. How can 
>  I transmit a "CREATE DATABASE..." via DBI when I'm not connected to one?
> The script must create databases dynamically.

This is covered in O'Reilly's Perl DBI book.

For MySQL, a single private method called admin() is supported, providing
a range of functions corresponding to the respective functions of mysqladmin
and msqladmin (as in 'mini'-SQL, which I doubt any of us use):

$rc = $drh->func('createdb', $db, $host, $user, $password, 'admin');
$rc = $drh->func('dropdb',   $db, $host, $user, $password, 'admin');
$rc = $drh->func('shutdown',      $host, $user, $password, 'admin');
$rc = $drh->func('reload',        $host, $user, $password, 'admin');

$rc = $dbh->func('createdb', $database, 'admin');
$rc = $dbh->func('dropdb',   $database, 'admin');
$rc = $dbh->func('shutdown',            'admin');
$rc = $dbh->func('reload',              'admin');

Be careful about where you store passwords, of course...

Have fun,
-John Young

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