[ic] Grammer Reduction prior to searching

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Fri Jul 30 14:58:47 EDT 2004

Quoting Barry Treahy, Jr. (Treahy at mmaz.com):
> I'm back with a pretty basic question.  I know that with the ITL tag 
> filter, I can do some simplistic field filtering, but what about 
> removing unnecessary grammar from a sentence that will only muck up a 
> search since everything AND'd?  For example, in a text based search, if 
> someone enters:
> RG58 cable with TNC connectors
> it would be nice if the connecting words like A, AND, OR, THE, WITH (and 
> perhaps others) be removed, as well the conversion of pluralities such 
> as changing CONNECTORS to CONNECTOR would be possible.
> In some respects, this is sort of returning to the Google concept of 
> 'Did you mean: RG58 cable TNC' scenario which is basically trying to 
> 'help' the user really find what they are looking for.  Is there a 
> method of doing this, with the text-based searching that I'm now using, 
> with the base 4.8.6 system?

Forget 4.8 -- I can't help with that, and suspect no one else will

In 5.x, you can use Text::Query to give you Altavista-style searching
via the search operator "aq" and a coordinated search (where you can
combine multiple columns into one coordinated "field");

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