[ic] Options and Making the Customer Choose

Brian Ellis bellis at saberlogic.com
Fri Jul 30 15:31:25 EDT 2004

> I am running Interchange 5.2.0-1 and have run into a snag. The store I
> am developing needs to have a mechanism in place to ensure that the
> customer has indeed chosen an option as they proceed with their order.

Well unfortunately I had to hack up a quick solution using javascript.
It should hold up until I can convert the store to 5.4 when it comes
out. If anybody else cares here is the diff of the flypage with the

<   <FORM ACTION="[area order]" METHOD=POST>
> <!-- Added 07/30/2004 by Seth Branan and Brian Ellis -->
> <!-- Checks to make sure that a size option has been selected -->
> <script language="javascript">
>    function check_select()
>    {
>       if(document.flypage.mv_order_size.value=="none")
>       {
>          alert('Please select a size');
>       } else {
>          document.flypage.submit();
>       }
>    }
> </script>
>   <FORM NAME="flypage" ACTION="[area order]" METHOD=POST>
<                   <input type="image"
src="/ic_store/images/ordernow.jpg" border="0" value="Buy it Now!">
>                   <img src="/ic_store/images/ordernow.jpg" border="0"
value="Buy it Now!" onclick="check_select();">

This is currently running against Interchange 4.8.7 server and was
tested also against a 5.2.0-1 server (development server). If anybody is
trying to implement this, it relies on an option being created for the
item called "size" and an option "none=--select--". If anybody has a
better method of doing this (I hate using javascript) then please let me


Brian Ellis

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