[ic] No session id wanted, even if no cookies

Christopher Wenham cwenham at synesmedia.com
Fri Jul 30 16:17:09 EDT 2004

On Friday 30 July 2004 15:45, Bryan D Gmyrek wrote:
> I've seen this discussed before but looking through the docs
> can't figure out how to implement it.  The idea is that since
> over 99% of people have cookies turned on then why not just
> require cookies for everyone to avoid the ?id= stuff in URLs.

 You should be able to do it by setting the scratch variable mv_no_session_id 
to 1, usually in the catalog's config.cfg like this:

ScratchDefault   mv_no_session_id  1

 However, if that doesn't work and you really want it to be gone forever, then 
the following method will kill it for sure:

 Edit lib/Vend/Util.pm and modify the vendUrl function, commenting-out the 

if (!$::Scratch->{mv_no_session_id}) {
   push @parms, "$::VN->{mv_session_id}=$id"   if $id;

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