[ic] re-send order email?

Doug Alcorn doug at lathi.net
Wed Jun 2 13:16:46 EDT 2004

On Wed, 2004-06-02 at 13:13, Dan Bergan wrote:
> I have an order that I'm having trouble decrypting.  Since this is the 
> first time it has happened, I want to try to to resend the encrypted 
> order to see if that will fix it.
> Is there an easy and quick way to re-send the order to me (and not to 
> the customer)?

Interchange does not store the data that is encrypted.  So, there's no
way to re-send the order email with the encrypted data because the data
is gone.

If you have a real-live order with encrypted user information that you
can't decrypt, your only course of action is to call the customer up and
ask for the data again.

If you're just testing your encryption, there's nothing wrong with
submitting bogus test orders and verifying the decryption.
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