[ic] Transactions in IC 5.2

Russell Mann tech at khouse.org
Mon Jun 7 14:05:11 EDT 2004

>I took some advice and I'm converting my 4.6 store to 5.2 by starting 
>with Foundation and porting over the customizations.  On my checkout 
>page I'm now getting this behaviour:
>(table inventory): commit attempted on non-transaction database 
>inventory, returning success (table orderline): commit attempted on 
>non-transaction database orderline, returning success (table 
>transactions): commit attempted on non-transaction database 
>transactions, returning success (table userdb): commit attempted on 
>non-transaction database userdb, returning success
>Any idea why I'm seeing this and / or what I'm supposed to do with it?
>Russell Mann

I looks like the use of transactions-enabled database tables is enabled
somewhere in your new catalog (but not supported by your DBMS), I cannot
recall specifically where this is done, check your catalog.cfg or

- Ed

Thanks Ed,

I'm using MySQL 4.x and InnoDB tables for those four tables.  I thought that
was what was needed to use transactions.  Makecat asked me questions about
transactions to set up those tables.


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