[ic] Apache Configuration Issues

Marco Mescoli m.mescoli at omnibit.nu
Thu Jun 17 03:13:57 EDT 2004

> I am running Interchange 5.2, Apache 2.4.  I installed Interchange on my
> domain http://ic.vtwireless.com/.  The initial page works, as do the
> search based pages, however any other page says that the page cannot be
> displayed.  Also if you goto /admin, it looks different (like the admin
> interface should), yet still says the page cannot be found.
> I was hoping to setup Interchange so that I would not need any extra
> unneccessary information in the url (eg,
> http://ic.vtwireless.com/cgi-bin/catalog/).
> I believe my 404 page loads the index.cgi (I moved foundation.cgi to
> index.cgi), and I have execute cgi setup on the root folder for my domain.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks
Your apache configuration run catalog_executable without explicit name in
the URL.
Normally this URL is
(page stored in the catalog subdir "pages")
So for your apache conf when you digit
http://ic.vtwireless.com/cgi-bin/catalog/ your request is
http://ic.vtwireless.com tu run catolog_executable
/cgi-bin/catalog/ to call a non exixtent page

Marco Oppala'

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