[ic] new Linkpoint API Payment module?

D Andrew Reynhout reynhout at quesera.com
Sun Mar 14 12:17:53 EST 2004


I've spent the last couple days getting Linkpoint to work with
Interchange.  Some or most of my conclusions may be incorrect,
but here are the things I've "learned" that I haven't found
mentioned anywhere, despite exhaustive searching(!):

  - Linkpoint changed their LPERL perl wrapper in January.
    It's now called LPPERL, and it appears to be considered
    version 3.0.

  - It's now a free download from the Linkpoint website
    (User Agreement acceptance required).  It's easy to find,
    under Internet Solutions/Downloads/LinkPointAPI for Perl.
    The tar file also contains a 242-page API reference.

  - LPPERL works differently from LPERL.  It can either use
    cURL/ssl (if installed) or shared objects, but there is
    no longer a "linkpoint binary".

  - The API has also changed, with some fields renamed, some
    added, and others redefined.  I'm sure the new API is a
    superset of the old, and that all changes are backward-
    compatible, but it would seem like a good idea to use the
    "newest" API whenever possible.

  - LPPERL necessitates some changes to the Linkpoint payment
    module ('sale' and 'preauth' are now handled with the same
    call; no binary required; various fieldname changes; etc)

To make LPPERL work, I wrote a new module, Linkpoint3.pm.  It
is based on the existing Linkpoint.pm module, comments to the
interchange list, plus some new sample code from Linkpoint.
It appears to be working fine, but I've only run a couple dozen
transactions through it, so it's still in testing.

Is anyone else working on a module for the new Linkpoint API?
If not, I'll happily make mine available for critique by those
more experienced than I...  I tried to make it work just like
the other payment modules, but I haven't tested it with any of
the demo stores, because I built my catalog from scratch.

reynhout at quesera.com

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