[ic] Bonus points as currency

Xavier GILLET xavier.gillet.perso at wanadoo.fr
Tue Mar 23 12:31:11 EST 2004

>       I would like to build a small shop system that is accessible only
> registered members. Each member collects on a user account "bonus points"
> (by doing some registration actions). These poins should be used as
> to buy goods. Do I need to implement a payment module or is this possible
> using some built-in mechanics. Did anybody realize a similar solution and
> has some hints for me? How could one program the account information, that
> shows the members the history of their account transactions?
>       Thanks in advance, Albert

I built something 'similar' in french.
Only off line payment with an account for each member.
Private access for administrator to manage deb/credit operations on clients

Everything can be bone with IC !!!


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