[ic] InterchangeScript

Kevin Walsh kevin at cursor.biz
Fri Mar 26 18:17:14 EST 2004

> I am not seemingly able to guess the correct combination of
> mod_interchange's new InterchangeScript directive, the interchange.cfg
> Catalog directive, and the variable.txt CGI_URL .  To get
> www.mydomain.com to invoke interchange at the root / directory as
> catalog "mycatalog", what would be the appropriate setting for these 3
> variables (and any other applicable variables that would need to be
> modified from previous versions)?
To use the following example:

    <Location />
        SetHandler interchange-handler
        InterchangeServer /opt/interchange/etc/socket
        OrdinaryFileList /foundation/ /interchange-5/ /robots.txt

Set your "Catalog" directive to use /:

    Catalog  foundation  /path/to/foundation  /

Set your CGI_URL variable to /.

    Catalog  foundation  /path/to/foundation  /

Now you're all configured for www.example.com/index.html.

Everything gets set to the same value.  I was hoping that that would
avoid confusion. :-)

The other way to do it is to use this next example:

    <Location /shop>
        SetHandler interchange-handler
        InterchangeServer /opt/interchange/etc/socket
        InterchangeScript /foo

In this case, your URI will look like www.example.com/shop/index.html.

As the InterchangeScript is set to /foo, the Catalog directive will
have to match this value, so:

    Catalog  foundation  /path/to/foundation  /foo

As the <Location> is set to /shop, the CGI_URL variable will have to

I hope this clears up any confusion.

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