[ic] Interchange and https

Mark Weaver mark at americanmicroinc.com
Fri May 14 08:08:39 EDT 2004

Bryan D Gmyrek wrote:
>>>>Is anyone else using interchange on a virtual host with SSL that is
>>>>working? I've not been able to get this working for anything. Sure could
>>>>use some help.
>>>It has nothing to do with Interchange, of course.
>>>SSL simply doesn't work with NameVirtualHost. You can only have one
>>>per IP address.
>>Yes...I've been finding this out the hard way. Any ideas for a solution?
>>I didn't think there was a problem with Interchange. "it" appears to be
>>operating just as it should. Apache on the other hand is being a HUGE pita.
> Mark,
> It would help if you tell us what version of apache you're running.
> I'm not sure if this is what you need but here is what I have in my
> httpd.conf (apache 1.3.29 and redhat 9)
> NameVirtualHost 555.555.555.555:80
> <VirtualHost 555.555.555.555:80>
> DocumentRoot "/usr/local/apache/htdocs"
> ServerName  www.mydomain.com
> # ... more stuff
> </VirtualHost>
> <IfDefine SSL>
> <VirtualHost 555.555.555.555:443>
> DocumentRoot /usr/local/apache/htdocs
> ServerName www.mydomain.com
> # ... more stuff
> SSLEngine on
> SSLCertificateFile /usr/local/apache/conf/ssl.crt/www.mydomain.com.crt
> SSLCertificateKeyFile /usr/local/apache/conf/ssl.key/www.mydomain.com.key
> SSLVerifyClient none
> </VirtualHost>
> </IfDefine>
> Note that the NameVirtualHost only appears before the first port 80
> VirtualHost directive.
> Good luck!
> Bryan

Hi Bryan,

Thanks for the info. I'll be trying this out this morning. The thought 
of placing the container for the SSL portion of interchange's domain 
before any containers using port 80 hadn't occured to me. Here's what 
the container for interchange looks like.


  ServerAdmin webmaster at americanmicroinc.com
  DocumentRoot "/var/www/html/americanmicroinc.com/order"
  ServerName order.americanmicroinc.com
  ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ /var/www/html/americanmicroinc.com/order/cgi-bin/

As for what version of apache, we're using Apache 2. ( don't really care 
for this version. I've become too used to 1.3.x )

At the moment this container is buried in amongst all the rest of the 
148 containers on this webserver. Guess it shows that I'm still learning 
the ins and outs of apache. But its still lightyears easier and makes 
mroe sense than IIS.  :)

I really appreciate all the awesome help I've been getting on this list 
this week. You all are awesome and thanks for puttin up with this n00b.

Mark Weaver
American Micro - Webmaster

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