[ic] SUCCESS!!! ( was: CC processing)

Paul Jordan paul at gishnetwork.com
Mon May 17 23:59:09 EDT 2004

Mark Weaver [mark at americanmicroinc.com] wrote:
> Bryan D Gmyrek wrote:
>>> payments settings:
>>> CHECK_ACCEPTED 			      0
>             Payment
>>> COD_ACCEPTED 			        0
>               Payment
>>> CREDIT_CARDS_ACCEPTED 		visa mc discover amex	Payment
>     Payment
>>> MV_PAYMENT_ID 			        xxxxxxxxx
>        Payment
>>> MV_PAYMENT_MODE 		    authorizenet		  Payment
>   Payment
>   Payment
>>> MV_PAYMENT_SECRET 		    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx	      Payment
>   Payment
>      Payment
>>> PO_ACCEPTED 			          0
>                Payment
>>> The value for MV_PAYMENT_SECRET is the transaction key that was
>>> generated by authorize.net that we're currently using on two other
>> Hi Mark.  I'm not sure what you mean by transaction key.  I thought
>> you were supposed to put your authorize.net password here (same as
>> you use to log in to secure.authorize.net).  Maybe this is what you
>> mean...?  If not I'd try putting the password there.
>> Also, what I have is different:
>> CREDIT_CARDS_ACCEPTED   visa mc amex    Payment
>> MV_PAYMENT_MODE authorizenet    Payment
>> AUTHNET_ID      xxxxx        Payment
>> AUTHNET_MODE    custom authorizenet     Payment
>> AUTHNET_REFERER https://www.mydomain.com/process    Payment
>> AUTHNET_SECRET  xxxmypasswordxxx       Payment
>> AUTHNET_SERVER  https://secure.authorize.net    Payment
>> Then on authorize.net go into the settings and put
>> https://www.mydomain.com/process in there (don't remember exactly
>> where but snoop around).
>> Good luck,
>> Bryan
> That did the trick Bryan. Payment Gateway is processing wonderfully.
> Thanks a bazillion to you, Stefan, Joachim, and Ed. This list ROCKS!


What it sounded like was that you were mis-using Transaction key. The password
does work, however I recommend against it as it is much better not to have
password stored in plain text (transaction key is not a password for your
account but just for posting transactions). I posted a howto use the
transaction key:


It is important IMO.

Also, someone may have placed some mods into the payment module to allow
transaction key, so my usage may be outdated. You would have to look at the
code to see. I will eventually check when it becomes important to me, or when
mine breaks 8-)   (however I do suspet editing authorizenet.pm is no longer
neccessary if this is 5.0 and above)


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