[ic] bring transaction data into userdb

Ethan E. Rowe ethan at the-rowes.com
Tue May 18 21:30:52 EDT 2004

Scott Andreas wrote:

>Hello list.
>I have as ad_code that is entered into the transaction table called
>ad_code, I want the userdb also to have the same code for tracking.
>I've added in the transaction table ad_code
>I've added to the log_transcation file ad_code: [value ad_code]
>how do I add the value to userdb::ad_code 

What kind of database are you using?

If you're using something that provides triggers (like PostgreSQL), it 
might make sense to put a trigger in place such that an INSERT or UPDATE 
on the transactions table results in the ad_code value updating the 
appropriate userdb record.  You could certainly do it at the Interchange 
level, but doing it at the database level could be a good way to go.  
That's my personal preference for this sort of thing.

-Ethan Rowe
ethan at the-rowes.com
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