[ic] UI items list

Jean-Christophe Plat jc.p at digital-factory.fr
Mon Nov 1 15:55:35 EST 2004


I'm running a fresh install of ic5.2 on fedora core2. 
I have a catalog with 71,000 items, the products DB is shared with an existing 
The admin UI Items list page take about 15 secondes to load.
I use the inactive field as few items must appears on the catalog for the 
moment. It works on the catalog.
I would like to use the same feature that for customers with two pages 
On the "Items list" menu item, I tried to set mv_no_hide=0, but this doesn't 
work. I probably miss something but I don't know where.

Any help appreciated.

Jean-Christophe Plat
Digital Factory

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