[ic] Formatted Detailed Description

Daniel Degotardi daniel at hinterlands.com.au
Wed Nov 3 01:29:18 EST 2004

ZanDAhaR wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am currently building an interchange 5.2 store for a customer and
> need to make some changes to the detailed description box in the item
> editor so that the text they type appears the same way on the web.
> Trying to teach them to insert a html tags is out of the questions as
> it was hard enough to teach them how to enter items period.    
> I have searched through the list already and found some references to
> Textile but have found nothing that actually works yet. 
> If anyone could possibly assist it would be greatly appreciated.
> Cheers
> Allan

If you're just after plain text formatting (ie, carridge returns get
convertered to <br>'s) then just use the text2html filter, eg:

[filter op="text2html"][item-field comment][/filter]

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