[ic] General Tax and tax on shipping

ZanDAhaR allan at zandahar.net
Thu Nov 4 19:52:11 EST 2004

I am currently in a battle with our customer in relating to the tax settings
in thier interchange site we are setting up & hosting for them. We are in
Australia and I am led to believe that on the invoice generated you have to
state that the total is inclusive of gst and you also have to show the GST
ammount. eg $100 tax ammount is $9.09r. Given that the tax adds another 10%
onto the product price would it them mean to achieve the correct end price
they would have to enter all the items as ex tax ?

Is there any way that instead of the checkout page ADDING the tax percentage
make it just calculate what the taxed ammount would be for the item &
shipping and leave the total alone ?

I don't really have any skills in java or perl etc so I'm rather stuck with
what I can do. Basically we want everything including shipping to be taxed
10%, not add the additonal 10%, but still display the tax ammount.

Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks.


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