[ic] Thank You to Interchange and icdevgroup.org

Mark Little mlittle13 at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 8 15:37:02 EST 2004

I'm not sure if most of you care to hear this, but I just thought I would
personally thank the contributors and creators of this wonderful piece of
ecommerce software.

I have been a web/software developer going on 7 years now - I have worked on
just about every platform and language imaginable (ASP, Cold Fusion, Java, JSP,
TCL, Perl, PHP, etc.) in the internet world.

When approached by a friend with a $2 million/month ecommerce business about
all of the issues he was having with a commercial software product and the
support, I discovered Interchange. I had never worked with the software before,
didn't know a lick of ITL, and hadn't used Perl in about 5 years. However,
within a month (of working part time), I was able to move his entire operation
onto the IC platform, including data, graphics design, and workflow. We
integrated with Payflow and Clippership easily (granted, with plenty of help
from this group and the resources provided, of course). The site is running
smoother than ever, with a fraction of the user and customer complaints that
the client used to deal with on a daily basis. Sales are up and customer
satisfaction is as well.

Admittedly, I was a prior skeptic of the open source concept (perhaps this is
what happens when you work in a 100K+ employee operation). Call it a rebirth or
a Nirvana, but I am now a firm believer in the concept and the power behind it.

My only hope is that going forward, as I gain more experience with IC, is to be
able to contribute in the same fashion that many others on this thread do (Ed,
Mike, etc.), assisting other newbies like myself.

Keep up the great work guys.

Thanks again,

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