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Mike Heins mike at
Wed Nov 10 17:38:14 EST 2004

Quoting Joachim Zobel (jzobel at
> Am Mo, den 01.11.2004 schrieb Stefan Hornburg um 9:10:
> > > > Maybe you misunderstood the question of the original poster. It is possible
> > > > to create "add to cart" links on any HTML page.
> > Try that:
> > 
> >
> One should be aware that "add to cart" _links_ are in violation of RFC
> 2616:

there is some validity to this, but it is not overly practical to
make all order links POST forms.

the only side-effect being generated is placing something in a shopping
cart, and not placing an order. were it to place an order directly i
might see the point of your reference.

if you want behavior that is that way, you can easily make a post
form. but it is a lot of todo about nothing, imho.

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