[ic] [query] & [more] Error - (was [query] causes [more] to generate non-unique mv_cache_key)

Dan Bergan danb at champonline.com
Wed Nov 17 16:02:06 EST 2004

Jamie Neil wrote:

> Dan Bergan wrote:
>> Sorry, I should probably add a bit more detail...
>> Browse to the page (above), let the session time out (wait 1 hour), 
>> click on one of the [more] links, and I get an Internal Server Error.
> I noticed this problem when we started using queries rather than 
> standard searches. It seems to be down to the way that sql results are 
> cached to improve performance.
> So far I've accepted it for user searches because it only really 
> occurs when a user bookmarks a cached page. However it does cause 
> problems for search engines which index these pages, so I now detect 
> spiders and feed them a page without "more" tags.
Thanks, Jamie.  At least now I know that I don't have some mis-configured.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I could get this to die gracefully?  I 
put up a "nicer" Internal Server Error page, but it would be better if I 
could actually bounce them to a "session expired" page or something.


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