[ic] Encrypting password

Ethan Rowe ethan at endpoint.com
Tue Nov 23 21:00:38 EST 2004

The Disguised Jedi wrote:

>OK...I got that working, but now I can't log in because it is
>encrypting my password request and comparing it to the unencrypted one
>in the database.  Is there a way I can encrypt the ones already in the
That's more of a pain.

Unless you're telling Interchange to use GPG for the encryption, it's 
just using the standard Perl crypt command to encrypt the password.

Therefore, since you have already figured out how to use the crypt 
filter from your earlier adventures, you should be able to:
- use [query] or some equivalent function to loop through all the 
records in your user table
- use the [data] tag to set each user record's password to the output of 
the crypt filter, passing the original password into it.

This will break any users who already have encrypted passwords, I think. 
Furthermore, you must backup the table first, or you'll regret it! :)

Good luck.

Ethan Rowe
End Point Corporation
ethan at endpoint.com

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