[ic] Prices and Totals Rounded in the Order Manager - IC 5.2.0

Jeromie Clark jeromie at smoothjazz.com
Thu Oct 14 18:48:45 EDT 2004

Hi Guys -

Sorry if this is a duplicate post -- I couldn't find it in the archives.
I'm running IC 5.2.0 with MySQL.  I just upgraded from 4.8.2.

I suspect this is a bug with the admin interface -- prices are displayed 
correctly to my endusers, and in the reciepts and logs.

When I view an order in the Order Manager, the prices all appear to be 
integers, rounded to the nearest dollar.
Specifically, the Line Total, Item Total, and Grand Total.

Just wondering if there's a patch, or if it's been fixed in the CVS.

Jeromie Clark
VP Information Technology
Smoothjazz.Com, Inc

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