[ic] Express Shipping Page - shipping not refresh on first page display.

Andrew Rich andrew at itdownunder.com.au
Fri Oct 15 00:59:02 EDT 2004

Hi All

RH 7.2
MYSQL 3.23.58
IC 5.3.0-200410080658
Perl 5.6.1

I believe I have seen this posted previously but could not find it in
the mailing list.

I have set "AU" as the default shipping country.
I have changed "default country" in pages from "US" to "AU"

In catname/include/ord/shipping_address if have changed to following. 

                  [loop search="
                        se=[default country AU]  <---- was US

                  [if value country =~ /(^$|AU|US)/]   <--- was US|CA
                  <option value="AU"> [L]Australia[/L]   <-- was US
                  <option [selected country US] value="US"> [L]United
States[/L]  <-- was CA
                  <option value="A"> [L]Select Other Country[/L]  <--
was JP

So the problem!
When express checkout is chosen the Country "Australia" is display
correctly as are the States of Australia but the Shipping Methods only
has "Not enough Information".  Yet if I choose United States then choose
Australia again the correct shipping is displayed. 

So it may just be a order of operation thing.  Ie Shipping is being
looked up before Country or something.

Can someone please point me to what they believe is the problem.  This
may also need to be fixed in the Standard Template.

I have a few other items to put up in separate messages.

Andrew Rich

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