[ic] Re: Interchange Freezing Up

Bryan tquark at gmail.com
Fri Oct 29 18:49:16 EDT 2004

> On Sat, 18.09.2004 at 20:02:02 -0700, Bryan <tquark at gmail.com> wrote:
> > So I changed to rpc mode and kept MaxServers to 0.  So far so good but
> if you're running successfully in RPC mode, I'm very interested in your
> system's details (OS, versions, ...).
> > Googlebot hasn't hit my site as hard today (unfortunately).
> You can probably fix that, using ab and wget.
> > Jeff, you may be on to something there ... I have a gig and usage is
> > often close to that ... though until recently swap was usually lower
> > than 50M.  Now it's usually 100-900M
> How much it may ever be, but eating swap does not "slow down" a
> machine, but rather quickly "makes it crawl", no matter how much power
> you have in other respects. Maybe it's time to add another Gig.


I upgraded to 3gb ram and now memory isn't an issue according to free
-m (i.e. no swapping).  I was still having problems (i.e. 500 errors
with no error log entries).  I tried high traffic mode with MaxServers
20 but then Googlebot came and grabbed about 5000 pages and got about
5000 internal server (500) errors ... this in essence killed my
traffic for the past couple weeks.  So I tried simply switching to low
traffic mode and both orders and googlebot seem to be doing OK
(Googlebot grabbed over 25,000 pages today).  So for now I'll stay
with this I guess!  Thanks for everyone's help.


p.s. I posted about 'what is rpc mode'  ... does anyone have detailed
references about what low, high and rpc mode are and what all of their
configs mean?

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