[ic] if-loop-param question

Tom Luong tluon002 at lions.odu.edu
Thu Sep 9 09:44:28 EDT 2004

I cant seem to figure out this little bit of code.

I am trying to get only one <BR> after a series of [if-loop-param]'s,  if
any one of the [if-loop-param] is true then output one <BR> only, even if
all of these are true.

here is the code
[if-loop-param city][loop-param city],&nbsp;[/if][if-loop-param
state][loop-param state]&nbsp;[/if][if-loop-param zip][loop-param zip][/if]

and I want something to do this at the end
 [if-loop-param city and/or state and/or zip]<br>[/if]

Thanks in advance for any help,


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