[ic] troubles with modified database

Patrick Donker list-account at webpagina.nu
Fri Sep 10 11:12:43 EDT 2004

Hi people,

I hope that my problem has a simple solution.
What I'm trying to do is the following:
I've added some extra colomns to my mysql products table to flag the 
movie genre we sell. I have defined the colomns as Char(1) Binary null 
default 0. What I'd like to do is using the UI flag the titles using 
checkboxes on their respective genre. Most titles will have multiple 
checkboxes set and colomn names are named after their genre. Trying to 
achive this I have ran into some dificulties that I havent been able to 
solve by both searching the archive and reading the docs.

- How do I make a checkbox show up in the UI in such a way that checking 
it will set 1 into the proper colomn? I have tried this using the 
mv_metadata.asc file, but that is hard, to say the least. Looks like the 
checkbox isnt used in any of the examples in that file. If I create the 
following entry, the result is that there are 2 checkboxes are displayed 
followed by a 0, but if I check them, they dont do anything; the colomn 
value is unchanged. I havent been able to find out from the docs where 
and how entries are made into the database from within UI.

products::action	checkbox	20			products					Genre		action	nullselect	

I'm sire you'll need more information to help me out, so please ask for 
whatever info missing


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