[ic] Has multipart/alternate generated by [tag mime header] been depreciated? (IC 5.2)

Karl Eaves karl at eaves.name
Fri Sep 24 08:08:30 EDT 2004

Has the "multipart/alternate" MIME type generated by [tag mime header] 
been depreciated?

I want to generate HTML and Plain text e-mail. Previous posts state 
that using the [tag op=mime] Tag WITOUT
attach_only=1 will generate a MIME type to multipart/alternate. This 
does not work in 5.2

It appears that Interpolate.pm has been changed at some point a there 
is a straight assignment of
   my $mime_type = "multipart/mixed";

Someone has stripped out the if ($opt->{attach_only)) code? Has the 
option been depreciated?

To fixed I have put back the old code segment into my Interpolate.pm 
but I'd prefer to use a release
version of the file.

Could someone please advise if it's has been depreciated (and what is 
the preferred way now), or if it is a,
say it softly, mistake!


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