[ic] Rewriting URLs for SEO purposes - help!

Cameron G ritontor at icenet.com.au
Mon Apr 11 06:59:57 EDT 2005


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> Cameron G wrote:
> >Hi guys,
> >
> >I'm certain I'm not the first person in the history of IC to 
> want to do 
> >this, and right now I'm pulling my hair out in frustration. 
> Here's the deal.
> >
> >
> >We've all seen /scan/ URLs in IC, right?
> >http://www.store.com/scan/st=db/co=yes/sf=prod_group/se=produ
> ct_to_find
> >, or whatever it needs to be for your specific search. Well, 
> that URL 
> >is all well and fine, and it works perfectly, but it's terrible for 
> >search engines. What I'd really really like to do is be able to use 
> >http://www.store.com/something/product.htm, and have that as the URL 
> >displayed to the browser. Simple enough?
> >
> >I've tried action maps. I either completely suck at action 
> maps, or I 
> >just completely don't understand them. I'm not even certain 
> action maps 
> >are suitable for this type of task.
> >
> They are definitely suitable for this and I posted several 
> examples for this kind of action maps. Maybe you can post 
> your action map ?
> Bye
>            Racke

Yeah, I got those examples, but in all honesty, I didn't really understand
it, and I kinda just decided to try URL rewrites instead. What I wanted to
do was:

ActionMap productname sub { $CGI->{mv_nextpage} =
"scan/st=db/co=yes/sf=prod_group/se=productname" }

Although I doubt that's even close to making sense. An actionmap isn't a url
rewrite. If I were to make this work in the manner that I would like,
meaning, all the user sees, in both the link they click on and in the url:




Then I'm going to have to create an actionmap that effectively echoes what
the scan actionmap does, aren't i? I think that's part of the conclusion I
reached earlier, hence why I was trying url rewrites. 



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