[ic] Payment Cross Charging.. ??

Jon prtyof5 at attglobal.net
Mon Apr 25 00:58:31 EDT 2005

> Wasn't sure how else to write the subject so maybe a bit misleading.
> After changing to RPC traffic mode and down grading MySQL on
> my IC 5.0 install all seems to work on the surface until looking
> at my charges at the ECHO admin interface.  What's happening is
> a payment for a given order will show up on another subsequent
> customer's order.  Sometimes it is just the dollar amount that is
> carried forward to following orders and sometimes it is the
> CC number, address, phone number, and dollar amount.  It is as
> if the one or more orders later a following customer gets the
> prior customers IC daemon which still has the payment information
> which is then submitted to the payment gateway.  Everything else seems
> to retain the correct information such the DB, the order receipt,
> the email, etc..  Everything looks good accept what is sent to the
> payment gateway.  I've been searching all over trying to find
> something and nothing so far.  Any thoughts appreciated.
> Jon

   Anyone have any thoughts why I may experience this ?  Basically
IC is not properly keeping track of the user and the user's specific
In RPC traffic mode what code should keep track of the user's
session information/state so I know where I might begin debugging.


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