[ic] RPC Mode

Scott Andreas webteam at wes-state.com
Mon Apr 25 17:46:39 EDT 2005

hello list,

Some of our orders are not getting logged into the system. Upon further 
review of the mailing list it is noted that Perl Signals are the cause so
I am wanting to switch to rpc mode for IC. The problem is we use a 
virtual server our site has alot of traffic with limited resources to 
about 4000megs of ram.
If I run with the standard rpc mode setup...

ifdef TRAFFIC =~ /rpc/i
Message RPC traffic settings.
PreFork             Yes
StartServers        5   
MaxRequestsPerChild 100
HouseKeeping        2
PIDcheck            120
MaxServers          0

 I'm getting 5 interchange servers started up and every instance of the 
cgi program is approx 2megs worth. We average about 50 IC connection at 
a time which as you see
can quickly overrun our system.

I've tried different setting but the system seems to crash. So,
can I have fewer StartServers say 2 or 3 and what would this do for me and
MaxRequestsPerChild set to 75  what would that do for me too....


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