[ic] intercept item insert in cart

Alessandro Poletto pollok at gmail.com
Thu Aug 11 12:49:02 EDT 2005

I'am searching to make a logger for some actions that can generate
interesting reports in my shops.

One of them is a report of the items that is inserted in the cart and
after is dropped out without buying.

I've thinked that a simple sql insert in a logger table of the item
was enough, but I've noticed that there isn't a simple way to
intercept the item's insert moment.
I go to explain: when the customer insert a item in the cart the form
with [process-target] method and "mv_order_item", "mv_oder_quantity"
hidden fields send to the "process-target" page all the datas.

I suppose that the [process-target] page is ord/basket.html so i've
tried in that page with: [scratch mv_order_item] or [cgi
mv_order_item] or [value mv_order_item] (disperation-mode), but
nothing will be displayed.

Where and how can I "intercept" the item's adding?

Many thanks to all in advance

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