[ic] Collapsible Menu (categories)

Tito unix4linux at tampabay.rr.com
Sat Aug 20 08:59:20 EDT 2005


I am building a store with interchange 5.2.0 and I created my product menu
on the left hand side of the catalog.  The I made the product to NOT be a
link but then the categories underneath the product I made them as a link
(in yellow).  Here is my problem.  I have toooo many categories which in
turn would make my customers scroll tooo far down in order to pick the
category they want.  How do I make the category collapsible just like in the
Live Demo?  I know nothing of html if this is how I need to do it could
someone show me an example of how and where in the admin side I need to
enter/fix this?


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