[ic] Lyn St. George

Lyn St George lyn at zolotek.net
Sat Aug 20 14:40:09 EDT 2005

On Sat, 20 Aug 2005 01:38:15 +0100, Adrian P Wilkinson wrote:

>If anyone on the list here has had any recent contact with Lyn St George 
>could they please get in touch with me?  I've been trying to get hold of him 
>for several weeks without success and I doubt he would want to avoid me as I 
>have some paying work for him!

Hi Ade,

It seems that there has been an error in my mail filters, and I 
haven't seen any mail from you. Corrected now. Please send
your mail again and I will get on to it. If there is any one else I
haven't replied to, please also re-send your mail. My apologies
for this. 

BTW Kevin, I am a "he", or so my wife says .. :>)

>Regards, Ade. 

Best regards

Lyn St George
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