[ic] return value of autonumber or code at time of INSERT

maillists lists at gmnet.net
Mon Aug 22 12:49:45 EDT 2005


I have searched the docs and mail list and I have not found the answer
to this. I need to be able to get the value of the primary key made by
autonumber or auto_increment at the time it is created.

Here is my scenario:

* user creates an account or logs in.

* user can insert a new record in a table via a form. call it tableA

* When the user inserts this record, into tableA, 2 things happen.

  1) user gets an email with the new record ID or code in the email. 
  2) I update the value of a field in another table say tableB with the
value of the ID or code from the new inserted record in tableA.

I know how to do all the inserts, email, and everything. I just can't
figure out how to return the value code of tableA at the time it is


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