[ic] Performance hit from having many images in one directory?

Steve icdev at mrlock.com
Wed Aug 24 16:45:16 EDT 2005

> Thanks Mike - so it seems to me there are no real downsides to
> migrating to
> one of these newer filing systems apart from the initial hassle
> so I think I
> will go down this route, even if I do eventually also decide to employ a
> hashing scheme.

FYI - I currently have over 1600 items/images in each of the thumb and image
We are using ext2 or ext3 (been awhile since the system was built), and IC
4.8.x with a little customization.

When I upgrade to 5.x I will probably address the hashing suggestion, but we
really haven't noticed much performance lag, and with the increase in
processor power, and disk speed.....I may not take the time...
The main database is Mysql. The web server (Redhat 7.x) only has about 512K
ram, and running on a 2ghz AMD processor.

I recently built a Gentoo system for the Mysql server using Resierfs, and it
has been up and running great for about 6 months.



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