[ic] Showing Doubles

Gert van der Spoel ic at 3edge.com
Mon Aug 29 14:15:59 EDT 2005

Gilberto Tito Valentin writes: 

> Hello, 
> I am having trouble with my index.html page.  When you go to the URL I am
> seeing double of my logo and double of the search and other buttons.  You
> can check out what I mean at
> http://www.daemonracing.com/cgi-bin/daemonracing/index.html and you'll also
> notice that on the Browsers tabs it will say *****PREVIEW*****..how can I
> get rid of preview and all the other double stuff?..All I want is for the
> double stuff to go away and keep the collapsible vertical category and also
> get rid of the regular vertical category.any help anyone? 
> Thanks
> Tito
You are just working in the UI or are you working just on the commandline 
outside of the UI? 

In your index.html when you look at it you probably find things like:



And a bit further down you have probably something like:

Somewhere in your variables.txt you have defined STYLE 

This translates to the STYLE used for the pages on your site. The elements 
are found in your catalog tree under templates/.  Suppose your STYLE is 
grayorange then it uses the files in the templates/grayorange folder. 
Inthere you find a 'regions' folder with the file LEFTRIGHT_TOP .. In this 
file you find [component group=vertical] etc ... 

So if you were to remove the @_LEFTRIGHT_TOP_@ from your index file you will 
get rid of all the components that were in this region. You probably might 
want to actually adapt LEFTRIGHT_TOP to include the menu you have created. 

Perhaps this gets you a bit on your way to fix the problem. Oh .. make 
backups, before you change anything ;) 

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