[ic] Populating area and cat databases

Bernd Hentig bernd at ixsoft.de
Mon Aug 29 17:08:14 EDT 2005

Hello all,

I am currently trying to move our webstores to IC, setting up a demo 
catalog based on Foundation (as suggested in the docs), but I ran into 
problems with the auto-generation of a custom menu structure.

Each sku in my products file has a field containing 
"category/subcategory", so area/cat would work for me right now. How can 
I initially create the area/cat databases needed with the Admin UI and 
(automatically) update this in the future ?

I tried Admin->Design->Menu Loader->combined  and various other forms, 
but all I can get is some more or less functional menu file in 
include/menus/ and the tree.gdbm, the area and cat files are not touched 
at all. There is also an error message upon publishing my menus that I 
could not decrypt:

    * Menu 'Untitled' saved to file include/menus/Untitled.txt. Active
      on next access.
    * Successfully wrote 73 lines to tree Untitled.

    * Attempt to set slice of in read-only table tree

I know I could use the new menu with the component "Vertical category 
list for the Menu-editor and tree-database" but this won't work with GDBM.

Most probably this is just a newbie question, so pointing me to the 
right doc page might do ;-)
Thanks for any suggestions !


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