[ic] To force an http 200 Ok

Marco Mescoli m.mescoli at omnib.it
Tue Aug 30 09:37:56 EDT 2005

> Please describe you real problem. Page accesses usually result in HTTP
> code 200, unless there is an internal server error or [bounce] etc.
> Bye
> Racke
Real problem: a sms-machine (send & receive short messagge service) call my
pages with an http post to store sms in mysql (store-sms).
I must process the input stored sms and put the answer via sms with an http
post (send-sms) to the sms-machine.
If i try the single operation (store-sms) or (send-sms) separately from ic
pages all goes well but if  i put all in the same page the sms-machine wait
for the "http 200 ok" (ethereal debug) storing more times the same input sms
and without sending the sms-answer. No results using http redirect


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