[ic] Quickbooks IIF generation

Curt Hauge ictech at mnwebdesign.com
Thu Dec 8 22:32:48 EST 2005

Hi all,

IC5.2.0	Perl 5.8.2	MySQL 3.23	Apache 1.3.22	Redhat 7.2	4.8 Construct catalog

I am trying to get Quickbooks working with Interchange. It is installed and
working for the most part, however, I am having trouble with one selection
on the generate_new_iif.html page. If you select "Generate any new IIF
files", this query does not include a record UNLESS the comment field
already has data in it:

[tmp sql]
	FROM		transactions
	WHERE		1=1
	AND		deleted <> 1

[snip stuff]

	[if cgi query_type eq 'any_new']
		AND comments NOT LIKE '%(syncronized)'
		LIMIT [scratch any_new_limit]

If comments field is empty, the transaction is not included in the list, but
it SHOULD be.
If comments fields has data in it (but without (syncronized) on the end), it
is included, like it should be.
If comments field has (syncronized) at the end of the file, it is not
included, and it shouldn't be.

The comments field obviously could be empty, so this is not good.

I have searched the mail archives and I am currently using the above code
which I extracted from the 5.3.2 release. I have tried changing the field
type to varchar(255) instead of TEXT, but comments is currently a TEXT
field. I've also tried changing the expression around a bit without any

Can anyone see an obvious solution and offer some assistance?

Thank you.

Curt Hauge
Office 763-689-4984
Cell   612-598-5530

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