[ic] submit an order without having a form submitted

Tom Hodder tom at ecnow.co.uk
Tue Feb 1 15:48:55 EST 2005


I have a catalog that uses paypal for CC processing, and currently 
paypal calls an interchange page once processing has been completed, and 
provides the session_id so the users checkout is recreated once the user 
is passed back to the site.

Basically the user is presented with a final form with a submit button 
on it, which they click and the order is submitted.

However I would like to have that page simply submit the order and 
bounce the user to the receipt page, I've tried such things as calling a 
profile using [run-profile profilename], with a profile with a 
&final=yes in it, and trying to create a url for a bounce, like [bounce 
href="[area checkout_final]"],  that would submit the order, but to no 

but neither of these have had much sucess. Is there a simpler way to do 
this that I have missed?


Tom H

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